As our company grows so are our designs. These changes come when we see ways to enrich our offerings to match our clients evolving wants and likes, responses to the market, or a different material comes to the forefront. 
Our workshop has used it’s magic to create a cylinder base made with 40mm solid timber for our newest edition, The Round Merri Table.
As a response to changes in the sustainable timber industry we’ve brought Red Oak into our workshop and curated a light and creamy finish that is unique to Mark Tuckey. We're launching the new timber by showcasing a Slab End Dining Table.

We set out to revitalise the Plinth and have the design maintain it’s playful, laid-back nature in a new silhouette; T
he Open Plinth.

Similarly, at the request of a commercial client, we made the
Eggcup Side Table; a bigger (maybe even better) new variation of the much loved Eggcup Stool.

Images by Lucas Allen

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