Creamy Oak timber is set to be a new favourite. We’ve brought the new sustainable timber into our workshop and curated finish that leaves the timber a light creamy colour, with blush tones. This look is unique to Mark Tuckey.

  • Creamy oak lacquer


Using Recycled Hardwood is the origin of Mark Tuckey and for many years we only made furniture with Recycled timbers. This timber is packed full of character. Salvaged from demolished buildings, our recycled Hardwood is a range of Australian Eucalyptus available in up to 60mm thick (very rare, but we have some). Expect to see gum veins, ambrosia beetle marks, dark saplines, pinholes, squiggly markings across golden to brown tones. Finished in oil to emphasise the timbers features. Expect to see nail holes and bolt holes which we fill or plug.

  • Recycled hardwood oil


An imported hardwood that is sustainably harvested in North America. Characteristics include blonde to medium golden brown tones across wavy patterns, with a bold darker open grain to contrast, and the occasional small knot. One of the lighter timbers we use across a many of our products, the thicker the timber the darker the tone.

  • Oak hard wax oil


Blackbutt is a strong durable eucalyptus hardwood that grows along the East Coast of Australia. The base of the tree is covered in a rough thick bark that chars black in a fire, hence the name “blackbutt”. It’s a rich colour timber in a variety of tones depending upon its source’s latitude and elevation. Clean straight grain and an even texture, the occasional distinctive dark sap lines appear. We use a hard wax oil to finish this timber.

  • Blackbutt hard wax oil


Also known as stringy bark or Tasmanian oak, messmate is a hardwood that dominates the East and South Coast of Australia. It has a moderately coarse texture with sap lines and gum veins. A warm timber with pale brown tones and contrasting light yellows. We use oil to finish this timber.


Used to describe a variety of Australian hardwoods, Wormy Chestnut is a sustainably forested and harvested Australian Hardwood timber. Characteristics of this wood include pale to mid to dark brown tones ranging in colour and shade. Boards can be devoid of marks, some have gum veins, ambrosia beetle marks, pin holes or squiggly worm marks

  • Wormy chestnut hard wax oil


An imported American Hardwood, that’s considered a premium timber. Tends to have caramel and dark chocolate tones featuring straight and wavy fine grain patterns. American Walnut is a very rich timber that can even hold purplish tone, we use an oil or hardwax oil finish to compliment the characteristics of this wood.

  • American walnut oil


Originally imported from North America, as ballast on ships, we have repurposed this timber from Australian buildings. Being a soft timber, the hardest of all the soft woods, our recycled Oregon often holds the patina of it’s long history.  Expect to see nail holes and bolt holes which we fill or plug. Rich in tone, different treatments lighten the colour of the timber. Grain marks vary from tight and straight, to large swirls.

  • Recycled Oregon soaped
  • Recycled oregon sandblasted


A softwood that can have large grain variation from quite tight and straight, to large swirls, often large knots. Rustic features are common expect to see splits, holes, dents, staining from sap/knots. Tones are very pale to mid white/grey/gold, streaked with light brown, and darker feature knots.

  • Radiata pine soaped


Want to add a splash of colour? Sure thing! Here is our go to colour palette for our furniture that can be painted.

  • White
  • Teal
  • Melon
  • Khaki
  • Saffron
  • Dusk grey
  • Domino
  • Ink
  • Deep khaki
  • Black


We can powder coat the steel featured in some of our furniture.

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • White
  • Transformer grey


We have curated a short list of material options for your sofas and chairs.

  • Gothenburg - graphite
  • Luxembourg - charcoal
  • Patine stonewash - natural
  • Luxembourg - birch
  • Mokem ethernal - Eucalyptus